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So about a week ago my brother's rig start making a weird noise. initially this noise only happen when the system first turns on and only lasts from about 5 - 10 minutes at first i thought it was the hard drive because it made the same sound my hard drive did just before it failed. but upon opening up the case and listening carefully, i realized it was not the hard drive but the video card, a NVIDIA 8800GS 384mb making the noise.

so first thing i did was remove the video card and boot up the system without it to confirm that was the video card. sure enough the system was quiet without the video card.

i put the video card back in and then lowered the fan speed of the video card to the default setting, 30% in riva tuner. i had it running at 80% since i put the video card in because the rig has bad airflow. after restarting the system with the default fan speed, i thought it was fixed, as i didnt hear the noise, but a couple minutes after that it started acting up again.

so this time i took out the video card and cleaned the fan, thinking the fan on the video card was making the noise. put it back in and same thing. so i took it out again and cleaned it more. took off the face plate and cleaned the fan more. removed the heat sink and cleaned off the thermal paste/pads, replacing it with fresh thermal paste. put the video card back in and to my dismay, still made the same sound. however this time instead of only lasting for 5 - 10 minutes like it usually does it lasted a lot longer. plus now when playing games the sound starts up. prior to this it didnt make any sound when playing games only when booting up.

im thinking its not the fan on the video card but the video card it self.
i got the video card from newegg and the RMA for a replacement is still good til February 09. but id first like to hear if theres any advice on fixing it without having to replace it.
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  1. RMA the card. Noisy fan.
    I replace video card fans with aftermarket ones, when I have your symptoms. It fixes the problem. It happens especially if I remove a video card from a computer and do not use it for an extended period of time.
  2. My suggestion is either to RMA (fan is going bad), or get an aftermarket Heatsink/Fan for it.
    $47 (an example)
  3. Maybe a bad cap or still could be bearings on fan. Sounds like a power issue/cap problem. Is the tone really high pitched?
  4. i've had more than a few fans go ballistic over the years and all i do is remove them and take off their caps ,under the label, and put a little grease in them ,problem solved,, in fact i am using two "serviced" fans right now..:)
  5. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    Maybe a bad cap or still could be bearings on fan. Sounds like a power issue/cap problem. Is the tone really high pitched?

    yeah it does get pretty high pitched at times. sometimes i could hear it in the next room, with the door closed and the tv on...

    anyways i probably will RMA it. guess my bro will have to settle for a Radeon HD 3650 thats in my other rig while he waits for the rma.
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