Antec 900 with ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro

Installation instructions show to install the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro so the air is pushed towards the back of the case (IO panel). My question is,

Can I mount the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro, on a Asus P5Q Pro, so that the air flow is pushed to the top of the Antec 900, where the 200mm fan is?


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  1. You could. I would still mount it pointing backwards though.
  2. I have a 900 with a TR Ultra 120 Ext. I mounted mine with the HSF fan pointing upward.

    Warm air wants to rise. Why fight physics.
  3. I just put in my new zalman cnps9500 for my phenom. And the way that the bracket goes lets me blow to the top(200mm) or down(to my Video card) So I have mine going up too.

    Before my Coolermaster Hyper TX2 was blowing air to the front of my case . So I had a little bit of an air flow problem.
  4. You can, but if it blows backwards it will blow air over the VRM heatsinks.
  5. I have 3 x AF7P and 1 x Thermalright Ultra120 they are all setup to blow out the back. It how the general air flow is with just about every case, intakes at front exhausts at back straight through air flow, why start pointing fans at right angles to the air flow already created?
  6. I have: Antec 900, Freezer 7 Pro, Asus p5Q-e board, Q6600.
    The 900 has very good air flow and with the back fan and the top 200 in such close proximity to the pcu it dosen't matter which way you place the freezer 7 pro.
    I placed mine facing up toward the top fan. By doing it this way the 7 pro pulls air right through the northbridge heatsinks there-by keeping a notoriously hot chip cooler. Also the ram dosn't interfere with input airflow. The back fan will keep the voltage converters plenty cool.
    Everything in my rig is kept very cool.
    At idol my q6600 is at 20C and running prime 95 full bore cpu temp is 32C. The cores run 39-40 C peak.
    I use Arctic Cooling MX2 thermal paste. It's the best paste out there at this time. non curing, non-capactive (a biggie!!)
    The freezer 7 pro comes with MX2 pre applied so a plus for us and no worries.
    The fans on my 900 are set on slow also. Cool Quiet and speedy!
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