AA with HD4870 CF

I just cant get Anti-Aliasing to work with my two HD4870 cards in crossfireX.

Its actually been ****ing me off alot lately, games like Stalker,Crysis Warhead,Spore and many more.
I have tried various dirvers 8.6-8.9 catalyst and all the same. I'm not sure if its a well known CF problem that Im not aware of, or whether there is a simple fix that I am not aware of either.

I have messed with Catalyst AI and all the other options, disabled AA in CCC and enabling it through game options, and vice versa putting it on in CCC and leaving it off in game options or for games that dont have that graphic options(spore ect)

I've tried various levels of AA and with all the messing about I still cant get any results.

The only game that seems to work with AA is Team Fortress 2 through its in game options, but other games using same engine like HL2 doesnt work the same way, so Im pretty clueless. Im hoping someone has the same problem and knows a solution because I know the 4870s are popular cards.

Im using DX9 WinXP, Dual core E8500, 3GB RAM, 2x HD870 in CF.

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  1. cant help you much on that subject, but with a rig with those specs you should be running Windows vista for a DX10 experience, i even would recomend you put in another gig of ram and use vista 64
  2. Try using the 8.10 beta cats, it works in a few games the old drivers didnt before
  3. I'll give them try.

    And I dont like Vista at all, I had it and downgraded, half my games wouldnt work and software I need for work got very unhappy on it.

    Also DX10 is overrated.
  4. Thats funny, as ATI is doing Vista first on their drivers now, so most performance should be equal, or even in a few cases better
  5. Really? wasnt aware of that.

    And its not performance its the fact literally half my games wont work, and software I use for work I have to have access to doesnt work properly on vista.

    But anyways DX9 shouldnt have much to do with me not being able to enable AA.
  6. No, some is directly the drivers. Stalker and or Warhead being 1 or 2 of em. Not sure about spore tho
  7. cant get AA to work in FArcry2 now lol. i get errors when i enable, everything flickers
  8. Theres a secong hotfix available somewheres, dont have the link, but it fixes it. Also Cat 11's betas are here, and they also bring great boosts in performance for XF and some single in some games, especially FC2
  9. Heres the link for the betas, theyre supposed to be good, tho still only betas http://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&questionID=38664
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