Xp wont install over 7 on new SATA

I have been reading for the last month to try to solve my issues with my new hard drive. I liked the challenge for awhile but I just plain sick of it now so I am asking for your help. The multiple topics I have read and tried are close to my problem but none are exact so maybe someone can fill in the blanks for me.

I bought a new hardrive, a SATA and tried to install XP Pro service pack 3. It would not work because after many attempts at trouble shooting I found that the disc was bad.
So I installed windows 7 ultimate and it installed fine (all ten times) but it seems a lot of my hardware on my computer has issues with the OS and every time I would let windows update the registry got corrupted. It would not allow me to restore, I have done : SFC/SCANNOW,BOOTREC.EXE, REGEDIT.EXE, CHKDSK/F/R I have installed the latest drivers for the motherboard, the motherboard is set for SATA and the motherboard recognizes the harddrive. The list can go on and on, as I said I have read and performed dozens of solutions for problems similar to mine. I could just run windows 7 without any updates and see how it goes but I don't want to spend all the time loading and tweaking my new hardrive and have it crash down the road so I decided to install XP Pro service pack 2 which I know is good, I installed it on a spare IDE I had lying around.
I start the computer, press any key and start from the OS disk, I format the drive that 7 was on(NTSF is the only option it gives me) and it copies all the files fine. When it reboots it goes right to a screen “disc could not be read press ctrl/alt/delete to restart”.
I have tried reinstalling XP, deleting the partition, formatting and end up with the same results. Tried to DBAN the drive but the program doesn’t run through the screen shots it shows on DBAN's sight and the bytes or the drive never change after running it. It says it ran without any critical errors but also lists these errors:
error/ dev/sdc process crashed
error dev/sde process crashed
error dev/sdd process crashed
error dev/sdb process crashed
error dev/sda process crashed
Like I said I don't think DBAN is even running as when I press enter after it boots to the first screen it pretty much ends with the info I just listed. I don't even know if I need to run DBAN.
I have also downloaded EASYBCD but it also has its own issues with a can't find folder or something plus I have no idea what I am doing with the program or how to get it to work. I have hit “R” to repair and rewrote the MBR and ran FIXBOOT and probably a few more solutions I have read but nothing changes. It reboots after installing the XP files to the same error about not being able to read the disc.

The only thing this (newbie?) can be sure of is that the XP Pro service pack 2 disc is good (I am using it now on my spare 20GB HD to try and solve my issue) and the hard drive is also good (as it will run with windows 7 ultimate as long as I don't update)

Mainboard> ASUS P4P800-VM
New SATA hard drive> Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 (500GB)
I wish I had the money to go buy another HD (ide) but I am stuck with what I got and can't pay to have It fixed, trust me I would, I'm tired of playing with it .
Can some one please guide me through this or give me a link with step by steps.....Sorry for the long post but I'm hoping it will make it that much easier to solve
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  1. I made the boot disk from Hitachi that slowed the sata speed down and left the other option disabled. I then reloaded xp pro and still got the disk read error.
    I then changed the bios IDE configuration from enhanced to compatible, no change I also changed IDE configuration from sata to pata-sata (native), no change. I even reinstalled xp with every change I made, also trying BOOTCFG and FIXMBR. I also flashed the motherboard with a floppy of the latest version.

    According to ASUS the motherboard does not require sata drivers

    Maybe I would be better off trying to install windows 7 again since it works on the sata, until I do the updates. I spent weeks trying to fix that too. I wish I could take this Sata hard drive back.

    Anymore ideas???

  2. Should I make the same suggestions as I did to your identical posting on TecSupportGuy?
  3. Hi Charlie - Chris Hazard here...

    I had a similar issue wanting to load Win XP onto my laptop that had a SATA CDROM and a SATA Hard Drive. Checking many of the web posts it was suggested to go into the bios and shut AHCI off
    (I did not have that luxury)....

    Read My Post!

    But more important is this white paper concerning Windows 7, Win XP and the new SATA DRives...

    Good Luck!

  4. After re-reading your post....

    I have to make it clear that you are using the correct chipset drivers during your XP install....

    Use an INTEL or AMD Chipset ID utility for Win 7 and note what you have for a Chipset Family.

    Then go to the INTEL/AMD support site and download the F6 Configuration Drivers for that chipset family (DO NOT shortcut and download what you presume to be just the SATA drivers like I did as my XP installation would then "see"
    the hard drive but the installation kept crashing later on - on startup.
    Blue SYSTEM HALT Screen....

    And finally read that white paper on Partition Alignment Issues between your SATA drive and the Win XP kernel as that really might be the issue.

    After my successful XP install I ran the
    Paragon Partition Alignment Manager Service Pack SP51013
    and sofar all seems fine...
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