Which is a better setup for Intel SSD

Which is a better setup for Intel SSD. I want the fastest I can get for my budget of $550

(4) Intel X25-V 40G RAID 0


(2) INTEL X25-M 80G RAID 0

(4) X25-V PRICE: $520
(2) X25-M PRICE: $500
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  1. Why are you looking at using RAID 0? If you just need 160GB of capacity, then buy a 160GB SSD. If you're looking for fast boot and application load times, RAID doesn't do that much to improve them. The only real reason to use RAID 0 is if you expect to run programs that will need to read or write large files quickly, as in editing videos or perhaps large RAW files from a digital camera.
  2. I agree. Your best bet would be to spend the cash on a single SSD, as you'll get the best bang for your buck in terms of performance and storage. However, if you do a lot of things that involve reading and writing large files, I'd go with the 2 80GB models.
  3. You might want to wait 2-3 weeks for the Vertex2's to hit the streets ..... or the PCI-E units from Seagate. Might be too costly but "taking the title" from Intel should drive the Intel ones price down

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