4870 1gb Vs 4850 Crossfire

I am getting ready to get rid of my old 8800 GTS 640. I am going with an ATI card so I may crossfire sometime.

I am looking for Benchies comparing the 4870 1gb to 4850 crossfire. Has anyone seen these benchies?

What do you folks think?
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  1. From reading the gpu charts here at this site, it seems, to my surprise that 4850 in crossfire is actually slower than a 4870-512! Link:
  2. Toms charts are just bad. Dual 4850 is faster than single 4870 by far.
  3. dual 4850 is much faster then 1 4870.
  4. invisik said:
    dual 4850 is much faster then 1 4870.

    +1 ^

    It's sad that Toms put out such blatantly horrible charts and people are referencing them. Go to some other sites for valid GPU charts. Tom's really dropped the ball on their latest charts using a slow CPU and outdated drivers.
  5. I'll have to dig around a little more. I was hoping for some direct comparisons with the new 1gb card vs Xfired 4850's. I know the 4850's will be faster in most games, but, I want to see by how much.
  6. I have 2 identical systems one with the 4850 crossfire and one with 4870 1gb. from looking at most reviews the dual 4850 are better. and my 3dmark06 is higher as well (look at my system configuration) but i can't tell the difference in game.
  7. Nice testbed :) do you have any gaming benchies? COD4,crysis?
  8. Anyone find some benchies yet? :)
  9. What size monitor do you plan on using?
    Except @ 2560x1600 resolution the 1GB 4870 doesnt make that much difference that you cant use the 4870/512 and 4850CF benchmarks to make a fair guess at the 4870/1024 vs 4850 CF performance.
  10. 1600*1200 on my LCD.
  11. Hey, while we're on the topic of resolution, would the Xfire 4850 or the single 4870 be better or worse if I'm on 1680X1050? (Which one should I go for)
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