4GB (4x1 or 2x2 ) Memory performance difference ?

I hear that 4x1GB is slower then 2X2GB myth or reality ? lol
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  1. its not slower just 4 sticks will take more power than two
    meaning if you overclock you need to pump more voltage into to your ram (4 stick) to get a decent overclock
    so go with two sticks since its easier to overclock.
    hope that helps
  2. In my experience 2 sticks is faster then 4.
    There are also many stories going around about poor performance on high end rigs and most are fixed when the owner replaced his 4 sticks of ram with 2 sticks.

    This may be completely false i dont know but its something to consider.

    ( You can also upgrade with more ram later without having to replace sticks if you go with 2x2gigs )
  3. ditto the above: 4 DIMMs put more electrical stress on the Northbridge

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