Planning to build custom pc, need advices (first time builder)

Hey guys
i have been reading around here and finally decided to build my own custom gaming pc. I got a lot of questions but here is the list of components that i picked out but i have yet to pick a motherboard. Feel free to share your opinions =)


Note* i picked these parts out from looking at other threads so... if these parts don't match, please let me know.

Also I realize some of the part are OEM, ex:hard drive, can you guys tell me what i need to buy such as screw, etc.

Thanks =)
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  1. On you DVD burner get SATA not the IDE one.
    You ordered a case that has an attached (low nasty quality) power supply and then added a Corsair 550w power supply (good move) to your list, you can get a better case at a lower price. Coolermaster 690 with free shipping
    or Thermaltake
    or look around for a good deal on an Antec 900 (neweggs prices suck on those right now) Use the money you saved on the case to get a 4850
    for motherboard get an Asus P5Qpro $140 good motherboard and can use eventual crossfire
  2. heyy thanks for the reply. I decided to go with what you said, switch the dvd and the case to thermaltake. Im not sure if i want to go with ATi and i think i'll go with 8800gt. Any idea on mobo for the 8800gt?
  3. go with ati 4850, motherboards depend if you want to go sli or crossfire. or you just want to have single graphic card then it doesn't matter
  4. Yep get the 4850. If price is a problem cut back in the MB department to a less expensive P45 board.
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