Whats in heat pipes?? can u make a heat pipe??

is it water, antifreeze, or oil ???? and if it one of those can't u just make one 4 costume uses ????

Thanks 4 help n any info/links u can give !! :hello: :)
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  1. That's a good question and I do not have an answer because manufacturers do not publish that information. That question came up a couple of years ago and things got kind of crazy. There was all sorts of speculation but no hard reliable information.
  2. Heat pipes can contain pure water, sodium,silver, ammonia, butane/hexane, acetone, or other fluid. The fluid used is dependant on what temerature range the heat pipe will be used for.
    These books:
    offers pretty much all the info needed on heat pipes. If you are a collage student, you can usually find these at your library. There is a LOT of understanding needed to make a heat pipe.

    You CAN'T make heat pipes unless you can create a vacuum before filling the fluid. HOWEVER, you CAN buy some heat pipes here:
    I bought 3mm x 300mm Copper heat pipe from them for a Science Fair project my Freshmen year in high school.
  3. do any heat pipes have flexible pipes on then ????
    pipes u can move so u can get a better case fit or go around some thing in the way??

    Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler CWCH50-1 some thing like this cooler
    but w/heat pipes in stead of water block n pump ????

    THANKS for all the help ever one !! :hello: :)
  4. ???? Flexible pipes? Explain. Imo, you need to do a LOT more research.
  5. Well....i guess if you wanted to, you could use a copper suction line for a phase change system. But they would add up fast.

    I agree, you need to do alot more re-search.

    Heatpipes come in 3 different types aswell.

    1. The cheapest to produce is the regular copper pipe.

    2. The next "tier" of heatpipe would be with a copper braid lining the inside of the pipe to increase surface area.

    3. The best heatpipes are built using kind of a powder. Very hard to explain with words, this picture will do a much better job.

    To make a heatpipe yourself you would need a vauum pump and some schrader valves. Wich would add up to about $200.

    Not to mention if your using a copper flex line, each line will be $20+
  6. Hey guys,
    why cant you heat the pipe to expel any air and put the solvent into the copper pipes and heat the pipe until it expands?
    isnt that effectively a vacuum created by heat?
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