My Verbatim 350 GB external hard drive isn't recognized anymore.

So basically, my Verbatim hard drive isn't being recognized anymore. I was trying to encrypt the whole hard drive, and while it was encrypting (for about an hour) I THINK the hard drive just shut off. I'm not sure, because I just let it sit while I was around the house.

The encryption was at 52% when it said "Drive (F) can't be found" (not exactly that, but something close to it). So now, whenever I plug the hard drive in, it isn't recognized. Before there would be a pop-up asking whether I want to open the files through Windows Media or File View or whatever. Now, the screen on my hard drive just stays on "scanning..." and doesn't show up at all. Before it would say how much room I had left on it.

I just bought this two weeks ago, and I'm trying to see if there's anyway to "restart" it. I have all the files on my laptop (copied them before I started the encryption) but I'm still trying to save it.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Do you see the external hard drive's icon in the 'my computer' window?
    Try to connect is to a different port (if it is using USB).
  2. Yeah I've tried that. I used all 3 ports on my laptop and even tried on my home computer. The little screen on my external hard drive just says "scanning..." it won't change.
  3. And no, it doesn't even show up under 'my computer' sorry forgot that.
  4. If it is not shown even on the device manager list, it is time to execute your warranty and replace this product. No point in saving it when you know that is faulty. This can happen again when you will forget to backup your files...
  5. We bought 2 verbatim 500 GB hard drives about 4 months ago, and both of them start not being recognized some times. The problem seems to be a bad contact of the USB cable. If you unplug it and plug it back in, it may work again.
    The bottom line is though: never buy a Verbatim hard drive!
  6. Yes, it seems to be a problem with the device. Get something else. Mine stopped working from one day to the next, with all my backups on it!
  7. Same here, they're junk!.
  8. I have found that this issue appears to be with power. When connected to the USB port the drive doesn't spin properly. I removed it from the enclosure and installed it inside the computer and the drive is working fine. Going to go get a different USB drive enclosure and try that.
  9. My Verbatim just decided to stop today with 10 months of family photos and work files on it. Just beeps and not even recognised by disk utility. Sigh. No drives are flawless, but this takes the cake. I'll never buy Verbatim again.
  10. Verbatim doesn't make hard drives. Your anger is misdirected.
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