How to check if my computer is good for gaming

Hello, Was wondering what i need to upgrade, i mainly run racing sim's.
Pc: Asus A8N deluxe sli 939 mobo AMD Athlon 64 fx-60 2.61GHZ 2.96 Of RAM,
ultra X-finity 500 ps,
EVGA Geforce GTS 250 1028mb VC
Memory 3040
Thank you
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  1. the CPU is kinda weak go with the phenom II series
  2. Thank you for your reply.
    I guess its time for a new Mobo, My current Mobo has a 939 socket, That leaves me very limited with cpu upgrade............Is this correct?

    The phenom II will not connect into this socket, Is my understanding correct?

    I built this Pc 4 yrs ago, my first attempt at a build, It was handling my iRacing sim app, well up until their last software upgrade, Now when in the sim, i get choppy grapics, sort of lagging, and in my readings on the help forms there, I see alot of suggestion's on people upgrading to quad core, running dual VC cards and so on, Seems they may have made their simulation not so middle of the road gamer
    Rightfully so, Software is alwys being updated in the PC gaming Ind.

    Is my understanding on my pc correct?

    Thank you.
  3. yes you will need AM3 socket for Phenom II

    the phenoms CPU are quad & 6 cores also

    so current motherboard from gigabyte & asus will be good for you
  4. Thank you.
    Just broke the bad news to the
    2 Days before valentines day, Not a good idea to say. Honey i'm taking about 600.00 out so i can play a
    Just kidding she understands that sim racing is my passion.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Rfactor run with the lower end computer and mods are being made everyday even leading up to the release of rfactor 2.
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