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for my new WD20EADS 00R6B0 (2TB green) h2benchw shows an access time of 20.7ms. The test result on this page (,review-31560-6.html) show an access time of 13.2ms. The drive passes all tests and is working without any problem, but WD specifies a search time of 8.9ms. After adding the average rotational latency at 5400 RPM (5.6ms) I would expect a result around 14.5ms for the access time.

Did anybody else get similar deviations of the specified value? I don't mind a difference of 1 or 2ms, but 6ms seems too much.

For all other drives in my computer I get plausible results, for another drive connected to the same controller e.g. I get an access time of 6.3ms using h2benchw. I didn't change any AAM settings.

My concern is not speed, but now I fear that something undetectable by the normal diagnostics is wrong with my drive. If the drive was specified with a seek time of about 14ms everything would be OK for me.

WD support points me to several published benchmark results, but apparently either they tested a different drive revision or my drive is defective.

Any suggestions or similar findings?
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  1. Well, what are your other specs? Could be a bottleneck somewhere in your system... you're not trying to copy files to a slower drive, are you?
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