Black screen after bios

If I overclock and the loading goes fine

but it shows a black screen instead of showing a login screen

on other occasions it also restarts the computer

which is the problem

the CPU or RAM or MB?

and is the problem voltage? heat? or architecture?

Asus P5K

C2D E6750 @ 3.4 stable

PC2-6400 @ 6-6-6-18
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  1. You may need more vCore, not to exceed 10% over stock.
    Check your temperatures, max 72ºC.
    You may need more memory voltage.
    Relax the timings.
  2. Best to overclock memory separately so you know how far you can take it.
    Same for CPU.
    Then combine the two together.
  3. I don't know to change the FSB:DRAM ratio in the bios

    Either it's not there or I can't see it.

    ASUS P5K
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