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site:tomshardware com staples relay usb not recognized

Staples relay 8gb usb flashdrive suddenly not recognized on any computer...not physically damaged
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    I've ran into a problem like that, and could not fix it untill i formatted it, with a USB pen drive tool.

    USB Flash drive tester,1000000375,39364218s,00.htm

    The pen drive may be bad and need replacement.
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  3. evongugg -

    Used the HP USB Flashdrive tool and it formated my Staple Relay 8 gig USB flashdrive when the windows xp or win 7 formating tool wouldn't. Thanks for the posting. I didn't get to save my info on the disc but I was able to make my 8 gig drive useable again. One thing for nubs if it says drive to big use the dropdown box and select FAT 32 then try and fromat the drive again. Here's the direct link to the tools download.

    Again Thanks for the posting

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  5. Its the good idea of formatting Staple Relay 8 gig USB flashdrive.. Hope it will also fix my problem.
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