650watts psu + 9800gtx+ ?

well.. basically.. this is my rig: case with 3x 80mm fans, 1x 90mm and 1x 120mm fan. no lights at all (i took them all off xD) 2x 80gb sata hdd on raid 0, 1x 160gb ide hdd and one 250gb sata hdd.
one regular lg dvdrw, one floppy. asus m3n hdmi board, 2x 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram (cheapo supertalent), msi 8600gt 256ddr3 and an amd x2 6400+.
i had to change my psu from the 500 watts cheapo into my current 650watts coolermaster, cuz with the previus one i was getting bsod and stuff.. (whenever everything was connected)
so.. im thinking on upgrading the case and getting a 9800gtx+.
this case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811215006
it has its own fans.. but.. i dunno if that 650 will be enough.
i dont want to spend 200 bucks on a psu :S unless is totally necesary, im not planning on addding anything.. might replace the ide hdd with another sata.. but im sure im not adding anything.. unless i add another dvdrw.. but thats not really necesary.. i could tho.. add more memory.. but i dont think the energy needed for each stick of ram is that big anyways.
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  1. What PSU are you runing currently?
  2. lol typo... 650 cooler master
  3. You shouldent have a problem at all. Im assuming you have a CM real power they tend to be a stable PSU & efficent .etc
  4. IM Running a 9800GTX+ SC with a 600 TT toughPower.

    have 9 fans in it ... my power meter show 320W on full gaming.
  5. awesome.. new card... here i go!
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