Need help!? System crash followed by DMI pool freeze

I had a system crash on my Acer Power FH. It crashed and when it went into reboot it now hangs on the screen for DMI pool data verifying ...update success. (I believe the blue screen of death before it said something about a system dump).
Then a small cursor blinks and there it hangs forever. I cannot get in via F8 for safe mode, it simply does nothing upon reboot. I can Ctrl+alt+del to reboot, but it comes right back to the DMI pool page and nothing happens. It hung there all night so I know it wasn't a matter of waiting for it to correct.
I can get in BIOS and tried to restore defaults. There was nothing in there for me to reboot from either, other than the disk where I am getting the same error. I can also do the F12 and decide to boot from disk. There is no floppy drive on this computer as it is only a year and a half old. GOSH I am so unhappy with this ACER. I have a cheapo emachines, that I am using right now that lasted 6 years!!! UGh :fou:
I am writing from my old computer.
The OS is Win XP Pro on the other system.
There are quite a few photos that I hadn't had the chance to back up, that I would really prefer to save. I have boot disks, that the computer will accept, but only if I wipe out the C drive. Which means I would lose all of my photos and several programs and files, that I really would like to back up first.
Even if I must reload Win XP from my 6 disk set, is there any way I can save the information that is on the C Drive? Can I slave it to my older computer? So that it will at least be able to be copied to another hard drive? Or would this cause that computer to crash as well? I am at a loss as to how to fix this other than reformat and lose everything! :cry:
I had partioned the drive to have a C and D drive. Is there any way to save what is at least on the D drive?
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  1. Sounds like you have OS system errors including possible registry errors. I had a corrupt registry on an XP machine the other day. The Windows CD would not 'auto' repair the OS installation. I used this MS support instruction to manually repair the registry. The machine is working fine, but this instruction is long (maybe two hours work). I saved all my data though.
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