Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 disk will not spin up

I own a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 disk, 1,5TB, firmware SD37. I bought it in april 2009, it have been used for backup.
The disk have only been running for 100-200 hours.
I´ve seen some times, that there was a strange clicksound from the disk, during that it was not possible to access the disk. I removed the disk from my computer, stopped and started it again, at it worked ok. The dealer wouldn´t return it, he tested it, and claimed that it was ok. But this error was intermittent.
Now there is a much more serious error: The motor will not start at all. There is a typical startup sound from the disk, it sounds surely like the spindle is locked in some way.
Last time I used the disk it was working ok. I haven´t dropped it on the floor etc.
I´ve bought a new disk, and changed the circuit board. It didn´t help at all. Any sugestions on how to make the spindle start up?
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  1. The 7200.11 drives had a serious firmware problem that led to "bricked" drives.

    And unfortunately, you have voided the drive's warranty.
  2. Hi, yes I know that. The disk were placed in a HD EKSTERN 1.5 TB SEAGATE FREEAGENT XTREME box - I knew when opening the plasticbox, the warranty would go. I would like to get the data out of the disk;-) Do You think it´s possible to make the motor spin up?
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