:??: Hey,,,,,,,,I'm new to all this, but I need some help. I want a new video card for my PC. I thought someone here might tell me which one is a good one to use.

I have a Q6600 Quad processor with 2 gigs ram 1066 mghz, only have 500watt power, but can change that if I need to, and still using XP os.........anyone?
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  1. Oh and using GA-965P-DS3
  2. I'll just assume you want the card for a little gaming, and i'll assume you play on a 19" widescreen around 1440x900.

    Under those, i can tell you to get an ATI 4850 or a nVidia 9800GTX, even a 8800GT/9800GT is nice on that res.

    And tell us a little more about your PSU if you can, since not all 500W PSU's are alike.

  3. Ya,,like I said,,,I'm new to all this , but I know it's a Seasonic psu and I only have a 17" monitor
  4. lcd or crt?
  5. it's Lcd
  6. Oh, then that makes it a little more simple.

    Search for prices of these cards: nVidia 9600GT/9600GSO and ATI 4670/3870. These cards should be enough for any 17" monitor IMO. The 9600GT and the 3870 are a little better, but close to the others.

    Also, i looked up your PSU and should handle any of those cards with no problems at all.

    Anyway, if you find a 8800GT/9800GT *really* cheap, get one of those instead.


  7. The power supply will handle great choices.
    Asus HD4850 OC $150 after rebate
    Asus EN9800GT Ultimate (a rebadged 8800GTS512) $130 after rebate
    EVGA 9800GT $105 after rebate
    Galaxy 9600GT $75 after rebate

    each card is a step down in performance along with a step down in price.

    since Yuka mentioned it i'll add the 9600GSO at $55 after rebate
  8. wow,,,,thanks guys. I'm just starting all this, but I want a good one. I don't know much about it, but I really appreciate the help. thanks again
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