Hello Sata is the same as NTFS?
I have an external hard drive FAT32 that did not support programs bigger than 4GB, so I an looking at one that can support my program of 103GB, is a SATA external hard drive good for that?
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  1. NO, SATA and NTFS are not the same.

    SATA is a hardware specification that details how certain devices (often hard drives and optical drive) connect to the motherboard.

    NTFS is a file system used by Microsoft. FAT32 is also a file system. It does have a file size limit, as you have noted.

    There is not a SATA external drive that I know of, but some external drives support eSATA - an interface that has the same speed as internals SATA, but can be on an enclosure.
  2. You should just be able to reformat the external drive into NTFS. You don't need to buy a new drive.

    Reformatting will wipe the drive though, so make sure it is fully backed up before doing it.
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