Two Geforce 8500GT's in SLI? Really!?

I'm not looking to actually get an SLI set up, but I had a few questions about it. While doing research for video cards, many people said that they had video cards like 2 8500GT's. Why the heck would anybody buy 1 8500GT, much less 2 for SLI? Why do they even make make SLI on some of these cards? What is the fps change for SLI set ups? I've seen benchmarks, but are they realistic? Is it worth it for any cards?
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  1. Not worth it at all, it's just frugal people that get sucked into the nvidia marketing vortex. In an ideal world where everyone did their research, I think SLI and Crossfire would be reserved for the decent cards only.
  2. Offering SLI in low end cards like that does cheapen the idea. Its a ploy to make as much money as they can from even the budgeteers even if they dont benefit from it from a performance standpoint...
  3. That's what happens when you listen to the wonderfully intelligent (and paid on commission) employees at your local Best Buy.
  4. Amen to that brother!!

    They claim they arent paid on commission but the way they come at you and say this without you asking about it almost seems like a cover up. Im not so sure I believe them. It still doesnt change the fact that half of them dont know what they are talking about anyway...
  5. I went to Fry's Electronics once, and the salesman in the PC parts area said they didn't carry DDR RAM. This was back when every computer used DDR RAM. I like Fry's prices but they're salesmen aren't much better than bestbuy's.
  6. I tried working at Frys for a few weeks and I tell you, no more than those guys get paid its no wonder. There was a pool of decent knowledgable guys when I started but it took me no time at all to see the writing on the wall and after I left I must have gotten them to thinking about how much it sucked and each time I went back there to shop there was someone else new and an old salesperson gone.

    At closing time they lock the doors and pay you 6.25 an hour and dont release you until the entire store has finished. At times that was 1am. What pissed me off so bad on top of that was the managers werent supervising the salespeople to get done in a timely manner.

    It took about 6-8 months until I didnt recognize anyone at all. Thats why the help you get in places like that sucks...
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