AMD Phenom II 965 125 watt owners overclockers

So what was your max overclock?

Max stable overclock?

24/7 overclock?

And provide as many settings as you can please, thanks. Just want to see how far people have got with this.

After installing mine from a 5000+ BE, which had 250x13 = 3250, I had 4250 and around 27 Dc temp, but obviously this was not my overclock, just surprised it even booted with previous settings:

250x13 @ 1.4125v
5-5-5-15 with 2.0v 2T
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  1. I recommend staying below 1.4v, will your CPU spontaneously die because you went slightly over it? No, but it will cause problems in the long run. Also you are going to want to ignore other people's results and get a feel for your individual processor. I can get my E6750 to boot to windows @ 4.0 Ghz, does that mean it can open up firefox without a BSOD? No, but I have a feel for my processor. To be honest, the normal 24/7 overclock on that processor is about 3.8 GHz, but 4 GHz is supposed to be pretty easy with the 125w version. Also remember people are dishonest, stupid, and ego-centric so don't pay too much attention to their results.

    First, disable all thermal or power throttling features, cool n' quiet to be exact. Also read a guide about overclocking on that CPU and MB if possible. Remember, put everything to stock and overclock 5 MHz at a time. When it won't boot into windows mess with the settings a bit (look up a guide on which) to see if you can manage it, remember you want to learn just what the max clock is that you can push and then worry about the multiplier. If not, start increasing the voltage by the SMALLEST possible increments until you reach either 3.8-4.0 GHz, 1.4v, or a point where you are happy. Either way, at this point start stress testing. I recommend 2 hours of small packets and 8-12 hours of mixed packets in Prime95. Once you mess with your settings to get a decent overclock of either 4.0 GHz, whatever is stable at 1.4v, or whatever makes you happy and can do said Prime95 test without errors, start benchmarking games and other apps. Do some random CPU intensive stuff, like video converting. If everything is still working well then congratulations, you've overclocked your processor.

    OVERCLOCKING TAKES TIME PATIENTS AND COMMON SENSE. It SHOULD take days, if not WEEKS. Remember to stay with-in AMD's specs, DO NOT GO OVER 65c, if it is reaching higher then you need to lower the clocks/voltage or get better cooling. I recommend using the system for a day or more and making sure that everything is stable BEFORE you start overclocking.

    I know overclocking sounds fun and exciting, and it is, but it is also hard work and time. Also I realize that you may have overclocked before, and if this is too simplistic I apologize, but it really takes a lot of knowledge and practice until you can get to the point where you treat an overclock like it ISN'T your first, I'm not quite there yet myself.
  2. Hey AMW, thanks for the detailed reply, but this is not a thread to "copy cat" other overclocks. I made it just to see what others are getting and as a show off thread.

    I actually did plan to make another thread regarding overclocking my 965 125w and will do if/when I come across any problems.

    Altough I have overclocked my previous cpu, Im about 50% sure on settings, as far as it taking time and its a trial and error game, I already know that.

    Yesterday was first couple of hours with this new cpu. It kept the previous settings, except for the multi and I was surprised my pc even booted with them settings, but imediately set everything to auto.

    Using Overdrive I took multi up to 18, stressed with everest ultimate. Then before I finshed I took it to 21 just to see if itl take it with stock settings/voltages etc. BSOD and now today I plan to try a little bit more, with having manually set my RAM timings in bios and everything else still on auto.

    Iv got a few programs, like everest, overdrive, hwmonitor, speedfan, cpuz, coretemp. Last time round, I overclocked purely from bios and streesed in windows (obviously :)) but this time, Im testing using auto in bios and windows based software, purely because overdrive has come a long way since then.
  3. Well the best I've ever gotten with a Phenom II X4 940 was 3.9 Ghz with 235 MHz and 17 mult at 1.38v.
  4. Was that with the newer 125watt?

    Im at 4ghz with 1.40v, x20

    I loving the temps more than anything tbh, no matter what oc I try, they dont change, lol. Could be just a really good thermal application and hsf doing its best. After like 5 mins into windows, IDLE at around 30 and load at 44 with both OCCT and Everest ultimate.
  5. The Phenom II X4 940 only came in 125w.

    Make sure to use multiple temp monitors, I've been fooled a few times.
  6. using overdrive, coretemp, speedfan, occt's built in temp monitoring, hwmonitor... They are all the same :)

    Nice surprise that nothing is different no matter what app I use...
  7. That's good, those are some great temps. You got a nice binned CPU, but don't let that go to your head.
  8. Nah I think 4hz is good for me.

    Max oc with 1.45v and x21.5 4.3ghz, but with crashes and bsod.

    So, with that in mind Im sure I can push a higher than 4ghz, but I'll stick with it. (no crashes or bsod's with 20.5 and 21, 4.1ghz n 4.2ghz)

    Seen as its only you and me here, no need for me to make another thread regarding overclocking.

    Is there any point in increasing my HT link speed?

    NB VID voltage?

    NB core voltage?

    CPU HT voltage?

    All these are currently on auto.

    In bios I now have:
    4.0ghz, with x20 and 1.3875v
    5-5-5-15 1T with 1.8725v

    Would it be better to set ht link speed and all them other voltages in bios?
  9. Keep everything on auto and don't tweak any other voltages unless your unstable. Now you need to do a 2 hour pass of small packets and a 12 hour pass of large packet under Prime95. Enjoy.
  10. AMW1011 said:

    I know overclocking sounds fun and exciting, and it is, but it is also hard work and time. Also I realize that you may have overclocked before, and if this is too simplistic I apologize, but it really takes a lot of knowledge and practice until you can get to the point where you treat an overclock like it ISN'T your first...

    Someone needs to create a gold plaque with what you said here, and hammer it as a permanent fixture in this room. Well said, very well said.
  11. Had a few problems, but after setting the memory back to 2t with 2.2v all is fine. Have had this same problem in the past. I'll focos on ram timings, voltage and frequensy after Im stable on this lowest voltage for 4ghz.

    Last oc with 5000+ cpu and ram are the only two things I altered, so leaving NB and them other voltages on auto is fine by my. I dont have a clue about them and no time to learn atm.

    Iv read everest ultimate is the best stress testing app?
  12. No, Prime95 is better in my opinion.
  13. Was fine yesterday, not I could not run occt or prime for more than a couple of minutes, so reduced to 3.8 (x19 with 1.4v) and have completed about 2 hours of prime 95 with small fft's, as suggested.

    Again with the temps, strange, max'd at 56/57. Not liking it tbh, but wth.

    Going to run large whilst im at work
  14. Those still are great temps, Boxa, don't worry about it.
  15. Although they are great, guess what... I just took it up to 4 again with x20 and still 1.4v using overdrive, 2mins in I got a bsod. rebooted and this time x19.5 with again 1.4v...

    All good so far, will do the large fft's with new settings. Im running small fft's atm and will end it after about an hour.
  16. so here it is, temp increase could also be due to my heater being on max (sorry but I was very cold)

    When I do the large fft's, I will be at work, so no heater involved. My room is the attick and it gets very very cold, so I would expect temps to be better/lower than this tomorrow.
  17. Those are still perfectly fine temps. As long as it never hits about 65c it is fine.
  18. Hi there just stubbled arcodd this thread,
    my system make up is
    Amd phenom II 965 quad (125w c3 stepping)
    Asus m3n-HT deluxe mempipe
    4x 2048mb corsair xms II---5-5-5-15-T2-1.95v
    2x inno3d GTX260 x2 freezer cards---710/1252/2156
    1x samsung spinpoint 1tb hard drive
    1x 500GB western digital caviar black

    basically i read everywhere and came to the conclusion bar it being the newer 125w cpu treat it as the previous model of pII and use multiplier and voltage only

    i Firstly changed the cooler from stock to a Corsair H50 Hydro self enclosed cpu water cooler(10oc drop seen across the board) not that the original cooler was bad but i found using there was a lot of heat transfer to the motherboard..thus the ram so that was first step
    after 24hours running stable and playing with the multiplier only(being a black edition cpu) i ramped it to 20.0 on the multiplier and 1.450 volts

    leave everything else alone,this is the most common over clock i have seen stable and appears to work a treat on all 965 125w cpus it stable fast requires no tweaking and just ticks the box...i read on ppl increasing the various voltages memory timings and ht lint etc but the only differnt i found was a leap in core temp on the cpu and motherboard with less than 1% overclock gained imo clock by multiplier and leave all else on auto or standard and enjoy the awesome performance of a cpu that only cost me £118.00 inc vat and delivery.
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