1066 Ram BSOD, 1:1 ratio?

I built a system quite a while back, 780i chipset, Q9550 and what's supposedly 1066 Corsair Dominator ram.

I havent changed the clocks from stock 800mhz till now, and I'm getting routine BSOD's.

My Q9550 has an 8.5 multiplier, so I had to push my FSB to 1600 to OC the CPU to 3.4ghz, and it runs nicely.

However, when I pushed my ram sticks to 3:4 ratio RAM:FSB, which is the 1066 time I want, I get frequent BSOD's. I've heard that 1:1 ratio is the most stable, but i doubt my sticks can run at 1600!!! especially since they have a hard time with 1066.

My ram timings are slug: 5 7 7 7 24 i think, Idk much about ram timings, but that seems way to slow to get in the way of smooth operation.

Is there anything I can do to correct this problem, maybe something that I'm missing? I'm sorta new to this stuff, so you guys would know whether or not theres a tip that could help me out here, or if I'm doomed to 800mhz, since the RMA is probably expired by now.

Also, if someone could give me the rundown on if i should change those ram timings, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Are you sure the RAM is made to run at 1066MHz, as you say the stock speed is 800MHz?
  2. Nvidia motherboards are a bit different than Intel. When you run 1:1 it is sync with the FSB, so yes, you'll be running it at 1600mhz ram.

    You need to Link the memory, but run it Sync. This runs it at the bus speed and not at the QDR.
  3. uhhh, 3:4 ram:fsb will get you only 600mhz at your FSB speeds...

    You sure you don't mean 4:3 ram:fsb?
  4. OP: Have you set the Vdimm to 2.1v? 1066Mhz is only supported with 2.1v. Auto will set the RAM to 1.9v. You can also set the memory timings manually to 5-5-5-15.

    @ Nils all 1066 RAM is DDR2-800 that is guaranteed to run at 1066, so boards will detect it at 800 and then you have to set it in the BIOS to 1066.

    @ idisarmu Nvidia boards quote the multipliers differently. They use the QFSB not the FSB, so 1:1 at 1600Mhz QFSB is 1600Mhz RAM. To get anything lower you select 'unlinked' then a FSB and a target speed for the RAM - the BIOS then picks the nearest multiplier from a hidden list for you. Intel boards do it the way you are thinking, where you can pick from a full list of dividers that are all based on the base FSB.
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