Somebody tell me what is going on!

Hey guys, this is my current system

I'm using my old video card
and hard drive:

And my current new computer parts that I just bought are
Power Supply
Mother Board
New Monitor

I just formatted my hard drive over again, and installed ntunes (which then i clicked), when my new monitor would start getting these crazy colors. Then I used my friend's new hard drive and formatted that, ntunes had no problem until I went to display settings and tried increasing the resolution, when it went crazy on me again with the pretty green patterns flickering -_-. To say the least, I can't use dual monitors either.

Could somebody provide me with a detailed analysis of what might be going on. I figure it is just because my video card is too old?

If so, could somebody recommend me a good video card that isn't so expensive? I don't do intensive gaming, so I don't need the craziest one out there.

Thanks for any assistance.
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  1. I would snatch one of these before they run out:

    One very happy customer left a positive review on this. As he said, you will have to download the lastest drivers which is what you want to do anyway. I dont think you will be going SLI so you wont miss the fact theres no sli bridge included either. Im sure if you ever needed one you could get one.

    This is a pretty powerful card for the money. You will be quite pleased with this one...
  2. Will that be compatible with my computer?

    Any other thoughts on this, and why the stuff mentioned above is occurring.

    If I were to purchase that, which update would I have to dl exactly?
  3. if you dont play games you could get this its cheaper
    and it would keep you away from ntune
  4. If you get the card I suggested you can go here to download the drivers to install after you install the video card:

    Just select the operating system you are using and the 8 series card.

    Either of the two cards suggested would work fine. There are a lot of decent video cards you can get around 100 bucks or so...
  5. Before buying anything, I would ask your friend to borrow his/her graphics card and check to see if you run into the same problems. Or take your 7900GT to their system and see if there's a problem.

    The 7900GT is a good card and if it's not the cause of the problem, there's very few reasons to replace it (since you're not a gamer).

    If it does turn out to be the graphics card is the problem, I'd second the recommendation for the HD4650.

    -Wolf sends
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