How does e-SATA work

Hello, What is the purpose of having an external 3.5 bay on your tower? I am looking to build a computer for the first time. I am looking at a tower that has 3 5.25 external bays and 7 3.5 bays internal. Also it has 2.5 SSD internal slots.
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  1. For media card readers and floppy drives :)
  2. What do 3.5/5,25 bays have to do with eSATA? eSATA is for EXTERNAL casings; not for internal SATA devices.

    If you're looking for a computer casing, the storage forum may not be your best place.
  3. Pineapple is right - the external bays are aligned with openings in the front of the case for devices such as CD/DVD drives, card readers, or floppy drives that you need to be able to insert media into. The bay is INSIDE the case, it's just that it's front end is accessible from the front of the case.

    The internal bays have no corresponding opening in the front of the case, so you couldn't put something like a CD/DVD drive into them. They're only for hard drives that require no user access.

    As sub mesa suggested, you'd use eSATA with a drive in a separate external enclosure, not with one of the drives in the internal or external bays in your case.
  4. e-SATA = External SATA

    Your case doesn't appear to have any external 3.5" bays

    If it did, you might want to stick something like this in it

    Most towers w/o 3.5 externals have an adapter plate like the one shown on page 7 here
  5. E-SATA is used for extenal storage/archiving or backing up system data,
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