Small question about FSB:DRAM ratio


A got a bit confused about the FSB:DRAM ratio. An example:

You have a FSB of 400MHz which is 1600 MHz quadpumped FSB. If you run DDR# RAM at a FSB:DRAM ratio of 1:1, will it run at 800MHz or 1600MHz?

Probably a stupid question, but thanks for any help :??:
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  1. for core2duo/quad your ddr2 will be 800mhz
  2. here's what my ddr2 800 mem config looks like. Your motherboard does have to be rated to run that high. I know my EP45-DS3L does.

  3. Then my mobo does very strange. I also have a Q6600 @ 2.88GHz. This is 9x320MHz or a quadpumped fsb of 1280MHz. When I set the ratio to 1:1 in the bios, the esimated ram speed is set to 1280MHz, not 640MHz.
    I have an ASUS Striker Extreme BTW.
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