Pentium D 940 Fluctuating Multiplier

I have a Pentium D 940 in my Dell, and have been experiencing slowness. Originally I thought it was my new HDD (which may still be a possibility) since I had not experienced it with my old drive , but upon downloading and using CPU-Z I can see that the multiplier is continually changing between 16x and 12x, causing the CPU speed to go between 3.2GHz and 2.4GHz.

Is this normal for the CPU? It seems to do it whether the CPU is being used or not (more frequently during use).
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    Stickies, although the D's arent C2D's they do have EIST which in turn will do this to the multiplier and the voltage.

    Nothing wrong with your CPU... Sounds more like you need to do a reinstall and clean off all the **** on your system.
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