Sanyo 32" LCD model DP26648 help me with 1366x768

I recently purchased the Sanyo 32" LCD model DP26648 at Walmart for $498 They had 42" 1080p LCDs for $899-$999. My dad insists even 32" is too big for a monitor and wanted the 26" but it's only $100 less for much smaller size. They have computer monitors up to 30", but those are quite expensive, like triple the price of the 24" monitors. The 24" monitors have 1920x1200 native and it's a whopping 2560x1600 for the 32" monitors. At those high resolutions, the text would be too small so id have to run less than native.

This thread isn't about my problems with pricing or other monitors, I only mentioned this to explain why we ended up with the Sanyo 32" LCD model DP26648 instead of a different choice. I could easily exchange it for a 37" or even 42" 1080p, but id like to give 1366x768 a chance first. Yes ive read all about 720p(which is really 768p) what I want to do is either have 3 pixels of black bars on either side at 1360x768 or 1 pixels of overscan at 1368x768. The best I can get is a stretched 1360x768 which distorts the text for 6 vertical columns.

Ive tried resizing the screen by making it slightly shorter horizontally but I can't get it right. I can't find anywhere how to get 1:1 pixel dot for dot where the LCD simply ignores the few extra pixels. 1368x768 using a vitrual 1366x768 does give me 2 pixels to pan with but the display isn't properly centered/sized and thus the text is still distorted.

I have powerstrip and custom resolutions in Nvidia drivers. This LCD doesn't properly sync to most custom resolutions or displays a blank screen. Luckily 680x384 works fine and gives the least distortion. It's too low for surfing the web but great for graphics intensive games that would otherwise lag at native res. I get a blank screen at 960x540 which is a bad sign since I wonder if a 1080p would work at 960x540 which is pretty adequate for surfing the web and games as well as being a perfect 2:1 pixels so no distortion.

Will I be able to get what I need with this LCD, if not what LCD do you recommend that can meet my requirements? Thanks for reading.
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  1. Sorry to say this, but... nVidia + TV = FAIL.

    I came across this same problem and only found that if you use a cable with an adapter from either signal type, you'll have a driver issue of recognizing the correct resolutions. In practical terms: Your nVidia card has a hard time signaling the TV output through any mixed method: DVI->HDMI, S-VIDEO->HDMI, etc...

    This was made on a 29" TV though, but the same rule applies: crappy TV support from nVidia.

    I'd tell you to get an ATI card to handle your HD-TV, but there might be a fix that i don't know about. Maybe and hopefully someone with another experience can help you more then i do xP

  2. Thanks for your reply. Is it true ATI cards can work with powerstrip for any custom resolution? I heard the Matrox Parhelia can, but it's a 2-d card. Has anyone here gotten 1360x768 to work with 3 pixel bars on either side? This is what I need to do on my LCD.

    My other option is to save up for a bigger 1080p, but I need to ensure it will also sync up to 960x540. Even that 32" LCD now does 680x384 almost pixel perfect.
  3. ATI definitely has good TV support. I recently got a 42" 1080p TV and their are tons of options in Catalyst Control Center for hooking up a TV. However, their should be a fix for your Nvidia card and I'd go down that route before considering a change in video card.
  4. Id like to know such fixes. I am close to giving up on 720p(why o why couldn't it be 1280x720?) my best option is to have 3 pixels black border on either side, but how to do this?
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