Hdd makes a click noise...

When playing simcity 4, at seemingly random times, my harddrive will make a click noise, then my computer reboots. I checked temperatures; the hdd is at a steady 30'c, and the gfx is at a steady 50'c. I tried cleaning the entire case as well as the heat sinks w/ compressed air. It does this even when on the lowest settings.

gpu= ge force 7600
cpu = p4 3.2 ghz
2 gb ram
other than that its just a standard gateway 702ge

The computer doesn't do this while playing any other games (F.E.A.R., cs:s, etc).

Also, on another note, When I go into my bios and try to change something, the computer freezes. Could the mobo battery be going bad? that wouldn't have anything to do w/ the hdd problem would it?
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  1. You can download and run the WD diagnostic software to rule out any problems with your hard drive.
  2. How can you tell that it's hard drive making the noise?
  3. what type of hd? sata or ide; wd, seagate, samsung; how many gigs?...
  4. last time i checked, gateway BIOSs sucked, really bad. I am on an old PIII gateway until I get my MOBO back from ASUS, and I stopped trying to get in to the BIOS.

    Also, I would say get a new HD, since the old HD in the gateway im on right now started making clicking noises, and less than 2 months later, it was dead completely. I think the "click" is when the HD does something/encounters an error and resets the read/write heads back to the inside of the disks, and overshoots into the spindle. I opened the HD right before it died after I received my new one, and that was what it was doing.
  5. well of the game is trying to access a file and thats where theres a flaw in the hd (maybe a bad sector? i guess thats when it would crash
  6. Is it a Seagate 7200.12 drive?
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