Water cooling system

Ok guys so i have been doing my research i want to spend around 400 on some good parts.
i only want one line for right now for my i7 920 for the over clocking abilitys.

i have been looking at some parts and i think ima go with a 120x4 radiator.
And a swifttech apogee heat sink
I dont know whats a good pump so you'll have to help me out
sorry if i missed anything please correct me im in a hurry to get this done.

please help me find the best parts for 400 and not tell me to look on the forums i have i just want another opinion
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  1. Give us a list of what you have selected. name of the part and a link to each one.

    If you've done your research that should be easy enough. Only took me three months before I ordered my parts.

    There are tons of 120x3 rads, which one? Apogee is a very old block, you can do better.

    There should be no hurry at all, or bad things can happen.

    I won't ask you to read any other forums or the countelss good guides out there. I expect you will want to learn more before you decide to put liquids in your PC. Best of luck.

    You could ask a Best Buy salesman to set you up, then you can rely on thier opinion.
  2. i was thinking of Swiftech MCR420 "Quiet Power" Quad 120mm Radiator at http://www.frozencpu.com/products/9700/ex-rad-167/Swiftech_MCR420_Quiet_Power_Quad_120mm_Radiator_-_Black_MCR420-QP.html?tl=g30c95s570

    what kind of block to you think is better than the swift tech....

    i dont know too much about pumps what are the top three best in your opinion and ill do my homework over them lol
  3. Aha, looks like you have begun. What is the heat load of your CPU and how many watts will you need to cool with a rad depending on your choice of fans, your ambient temps, your need for low noise or screaming loud is okay.

    That rad is overkill for your needs. You have any idea how big that rad actually is? Unless you got a specialized case it ain't gonna fit.

    Look at the top of this forum, lots of info, cya in a while.
  4. i have a heat load of around 70c full load and noise isnt too much of an issue but i guess medium would be good. later on im going to add a block for my gtx 295 so i either may get the over kill or set up a new loop what are your opinons on that
  5. Look at the top of this forum, lots of info, cya in a while.

    Heat load is the wattage the CPU puts out. You then figure out using Skinnees graphs for the rad you like and what fan speeds you can live with. Take into account your ambient temps too. Calculate your Delta T, then you know what rad size you'll need.

    That GPU is very very hot for heatload. Expect over 250 watts of heat from it, the CPU makes about 250 watts of heat under load. Now get lookin at Skinnees charts!
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