Low OC'ed cpu score-i7

Hey guys just last week i overclocked my intel i7 920 to 3.3 with stock voltages, no problems so far, all stable and well.
Just yesterday i finally got my courtesy card (9800gt) as my gtx 285 was classed faulty
So i decided to see what my 3dmark vantage score would be now, i ended up getting half my last score, (7000=9800gt, 14000=gtx285)
But what shocked me was that i got less in my overclocked cpu than my stock score,
my stock cpu got 43614.57845 while my overclocked i7@ 3.3 got 39862

Shouldnt i get a better score?
or can my courtesy card affect my score slightly?

Thank you
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  1. Quote:
    The 9800GT is the problem

    ty ill wait till i get my proper card back
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