Can I change my processor?

My mobo is DG965LV AAD36275-501 intel . My current processor is a Intel Core 2 1866MHz (L1 cache: 32.0 Kb, L2 cache: 2.00 Mb, L3 cache: 0 Kb). My question is can i change my processor for a faster one , maybe quad core.
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  1. Look at intels website page for your mb and there will be links to a cpu support list somewhere .

    You may have to flash the BIOS which carries some risk to use later processors
  2. Unable to locate that board via Google. Is this a brand name computer ( i.e. Dell)?
  3. I went to intels site , cant find my mobo looked a every page searched the aa # . Could you explain "flash the bios"?
  4. michael it is a gateway
  5. What is the model # /name of your Gateway?
  6. gt5268e
  7. Here's the specs on your motherboard. Looks like it won't handle a quad.
  8. FYI...Here's a list of your components for future reference:
  9. thanks for the info . Now if you could humor me . I want to go faster and have a triple moniter set up . What would you do . I already have the moniters ready to go lol. Thanks a million.
  10. Here are some other Intel Dual Core CPUs to consider:

    It appears that the Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Wolfdale 2.66GHz is the only listed CPU with a 1066 FSB.
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