2 yo Corsair 520HX - good enough for new rig?

Hi guys,

I've got a 520HX from my current rig which I'm planning on implanting into my new one:

HD 4870 1GB

I used the extreme PSU calc and got a value of 467W.

Do you think my 520HX corsair will keep up with the new rig?

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  1. Should work fine. I had /have one on a 6850/4870/8gig/+...no problems.
  2. Swifty_morgan, my friend, you may have saved me $100!

    I'm hoping the fact that its 2 years old won't compromise its performance.

    Btw, how are you liking your rig? Vista or XP?
  3. ^ +1, the 520HX will be just fine.
  4. Vista 64bit............ and if it weren't for gaming and DX10, I'd run xp-pro 64 all day, everyday !....... Vista blows. And by the way, good on the 1gig card. I tried the 512 and it got replaced.... shhhhhhhh... w/gtx260, lol
  5. Thanks for the input dirt! I'm glad my 520 keeps up with the new stuff.

    As far as vista goes: ugh. XP Pro is running like a champ for me. Everything is stable, smooth, and compatible.

    Does DX10 really make that much of a difference? I mean, I've seen some press shots and footage, but is it really that grand?

    Too bad getting DX10 on a XP comp is near impossible...
  6. Well, first of all the 520 is fine but it's on the "edge"....???? but fine.

    Having used xp for many, many years and having somebody go and redesign something honestly horrific for users........ bahhhhhhhhh! It's a nightmare to use, really "tough" to find things sometimes, and it saves some of your work in god knows where.....and in all honesty, some of the programs i run are almost impossible to remaster because you truly can't find your work or things just seem too incompatible. ... pain in the butt. Considering all we were promised Mr Microsoft should be cutting people checks who bought it for the out right lies associated within the marketing. Nothing, not even the control panel is easy as xp.. and if you go to the 3 finger solute it doesn't just bring up a small box it goes to a completely different screen and then you have to click on another screen to get to where you want to go........ who the heck designed this thing ?????...... must be the monkeys from Planet of the Apes....... I heard they were smart.

    I'm in the middle of another build. hopefully by the time I'm ready for the opsys install Windows 7 will be out....... can't be worse that Vista can it ?

    The DX10 thing......... yes, graphics, on the right monitor look much,( on any monitor really) much better over DX9. And from what I read a little while ago the games are running better on it and have less cpu usage.
  7. Vista is an interesting situation for sure.

    I happen to manage a store where we are both an authorized MS and Apple vendor (interesting situations when reps show up). But here's the thing, Vista was esentially MS's response to OSX--they tried to make it "idiot proof". If you've ever messed with OSX, you'll find that its pretty damn restrictive until you know what you are actually doing. But its DESIGNED that way. It's made and marketed towards the "set it and forget it" crowd.

    Don't get me started on the creative ones out there who proclaim its way better than any windows machine for creative content software. Becuase here's the skinny: its not. But this is a seperate issue which I will def. not indulge in!

    Vista was programmed so that the Joe the Plumbers out there can open it up and not royally screw their machine without enough warning and restriction. (Can't even edit the hosts file in your sys32 without opening notepad in "administrator" mode). Thats fine and great for them. I've sold enough machines to "normal" people that have no problems using it becuase they are usually just listening to music, playing light games, surfing the net. Geeks like us, on the other hand, have to endure this bull interface as well. So whereas on XP we had the entire OS as our playground, in Vista the playground is surrounded by barbed wire fences and guarded by a robotic dog named "Muffie" who's always barking at you for the most inane operations.

    This is whre OSX really shines over Vista. It's idiot proof, but it does it WELL.

    I was hoping with the new SP releases (and SP2 beta just being releasd today) that at least 2 years into it the OS should be up to par. But I guess not...

    And Windows 7? Nice UI, but thats what we said about Vista as well. I need some under the hood advancments to pull me over to that dastardly playground. They can start by getting rid of the dog.
  8. Lol from PSU's to OS's

    Off topic, but fun.
  9. I have a very similar system. Q6600, HD4870 1GB, 2xHDD and my HX520 (also approaching 2 years) is just dandy!

    Oh, and I always hated XP, heap o' nails! I ran 200 until I could get Vista.

    If you don't like the dog, turn off UAC! :P
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