I overclocked my Phenom x3 8450 @2.1Ghz t 2.41Ghz.But to do so I first under clocked my memory from 400x2 to 333x2Mhz.Although the final mem clk speed was 766Mhz and cpu @ 2.41 Ghz,the
benchmark results of sandra-lite sp4(cpu arithmatic,cpu multimedia) and crysis cpu benchmark2 came down significantly with respect to no OC conditions.Can anyone tell me what the hell happened to my system??
My system specs:
phenomX3 8450(stock freq. 2.1ghz)
ASUS M2NVM-HDMI(bios 0702)
Zion 2X2GB DDR2-800Mhz
Sapphire Rdeon HD 4890
600W Zebronics psu
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  1. It looks like you lowered the system bus speed so perhaps your NB speed and HT were lowered as well.

    Problem is that you can't change the multi on your processor so overclocking isn't going to be ideal. That said, I would see what you could do to change the multi on the NB and HT.

    Or better yet, save $120 and get a PH II 720 BE and have fun overclocking that bad boy. If stuck on AM2, then get the X4 940BE. I think they are running about $160 right now.

    You really don't have a great overclocking part there I'm afraid. Although I can definitely see why you'd want faster than 2.1 Ghz! :)
  2. Here's a recent toms article on how to OC your locked amd processor that should be helpful:,2396.html

  3. Ignore Sandra, it is a synthetic benchmark designed to target specific performance areas and can show massive improvements that make little difference in the real world. The same goes for performance decreases. I'm no expert with AMD systems, but I do believe they are affected by memory speed quite a bit because they lack the high latency FSB and large L2 cache that Intel's LGA775 systems use to mask changes in memory bandwidth.
  4. thats right buddy but right now I am considering to upgrade to a six core Amd which would be released next year...
  5. can u name a few mem modules which can withstand at least 10% oc.... :cry:
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    Increase the voltage and you might get further with your current ones.
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