Would this be monster PC ? 2x 6core AND 2 GF295 !!

if u have any thing like this setup please show 3dmark06, 3dmark vantage scores and any other scores u have ! :hello: :) :)


cost of my newegg dream PC build $4500+ but it would rock at land parties and at getting hi scores in any thing it ran!!

THANKS 4 any info u have !!! :hello: :hello: :) :) :)
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  1. 2x5970's would be more powerful, im sure google can give you some benchmark results.
  2. actually gaming wise, you would have a cpu bottleneck from the low clocked Opteron and the DDR2 FB-DIMM

    also don't think that you are OC'ing those processors, the server board usually don't support this
  3. you will be better off with a 6 core xenon when they come out
  4. ^dito.

    And hows about 4x5870's. (although drivers arnt quite there yet)
  5. THANKS 4 all the info and ides it shod help me and any one ales how reads this thread !!!

    if u get hacked BIOs 4 for a board can u use OCing tools then???

    i mean like cpu up dates and OCing setting 4 the hacked BIOs.

    just on older stuff not on $4500 wreath of new parts that would Be Nuts ???

    just to tinker around with like on old P4 and AMD's that don't have any OCing options .

    AND stuff like that .

    if i get new parts they'll be much cheaper then the DREAM PC id like to have.

    and intel's Hi'end CPUs are way to high n price for most people to afford so AMD 4 me till intels get cheaper ! :fou: :fou: :fou:

    THANKS 4 ever thing ever-one and please send more info if get it !!! :hello: :) :)
  6. probably won't find hacked BIOS for the server board as they are meant for stability, though if you do find hacked drivers, make sure you research it so you don't end up with a dead board (eg like if it is actually real)
  7. You'd be a lot better off with a single i7-975 and a high end x58 board for gaming. You say that Intel's high end is too high priced, but you have $2000 worth of AMD CPUs in that built, twice the cost of an i7-975.

    Of course, even that would be a waste just for gaming. Why not just get something like an i7-920 or similar and save some money?
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