my first custom computer.

Well I just finished my first computer,

AMD 64x2 5400 2.8 ghz overclocked to 3.4
DFI Lanparty 790 fx motherboard
Geforce 9800 GTX 512 mb
2x2 gb OCZ Reaper ram ddr 800
2 32mb 1TB Seagate 7200.11s in a raid 0
2 16mb 750 gb Seagate 7200.10s in a raid 0
Thermaltake CL-P0401 CPU Cooler
Antec 900 Case with 4 120mm fans, and 1 200m

I read a lot of magazines about the computers and decided just to go all out. This is the first computer ive ever built, first processor ever overclocked, first raid arrays. Im wondering if there's anything I should change or better component choices that should have been made.

I have a lot experience playing with already built systems, because I used to work with CT scanners, but I've done a whole thing like this.

Thanks for your input!
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  1. At the moment, Core 2 Duo's far outperform the Athlon X2's. If I were you, I'd look into the newer 45nm Core 2 Duo's, a different motherboard, and of course a different cpu fan. Everything else looks good.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Next time research your questions before you build.

    Intel would of way out performed what you got.
  3. Sorry guys, but I bleed AMD. I just cant go over to intel.
  4. Then you will bleed in second place!!
  5. If you can return the 9800GTX and get a HD 4850 instead do it. Hey, it's AMD after all. And when it comes to video cards AMD is in first place these days. You have a perfectly good 790FX motherboard that can do Crossfire at full speed 16x+16x, and it's wasted with a SLI card. You need a Crossfire card for future-proofing.

    Add a second HD 4850 (now, or later).

    You should have a 550W PSU or bigger for a setup with two HD 4850 cards. What do you have now? There are excellent deals for 650TX or 750TX at for example.
  6. ...your pathetic
    i don't understand people that can't switch to other brands, i mean its for your benefit, why would you actually waste your money
    my friend is like that, he is intel/nvidia EVERYTHING, and basically cries when he sees there stock go down, even though he's not an investor

    srry for that litte outrage, but anywho, aevm has good advice.
  7. not sure how that's going all out... it looks like you wasted your money. do you really need 1.75 TB of storage? why not save $150 - $200 on hard drives and put it towards a real processor and a better graphics card? do some research dude
  8. It's RAID 0, not RAID 1. That means he actually gets to use the full 3.5 TB of space. I thought I was crazy, with my 3 TB, but he did even better :)
    I'm assuming his PC doubles as a TiVo, just like mine, then the HDDs make sense.

    Don't scare him about the CPU, man. The X2 5400+ is good enough for gaming. Look at these charts for example. His CPU will get some pretty good fps, if combined with a high-end graphics card or a CF pair.
  9. Exactly, I have the 5200 x2 windsor core myself and it's just fine for games and even a little overclock. With a good video card, that chip should fly.
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