New logitech MX 300/500/700 mice good for gaming?

Was wondering if those who have tried the logitech mx300 or mx500 mice like them in fps games like Delta force series games or counterstrike?.... Always looking for the perfect weapon.

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  1. that mouse is pretty good but the buttons arn't that sensitive, they need to be pressed kinda hard. I much prefer my new wireless freedom mouse from logitec, not having wires makes a big difference in fps's. I am a Counter-Srike junky and not having to deal with my mouse cord getting twisted or cought makes a big difference.
  2. MX 500 wasnt great, tested it out a while back. But if you want to be the best sharpshooter in CS, then its the MX 700. Theres nothing with more sharpness to the touch and moves flawlessly. Creme de la crop.
  3. I'm curious about why you consider the MX700 the superior mouse, since according the the Logitech website, the specifications for the MX500 and the MX700 are exactly the same, except for the MX700 being cordless and rechargable. Same optical engine, same resolution and speed.

    Did you install an upgraded driver with the MX700?

    And in my experience with Logitech cordless mice, with a single 800dpi sensor and the radio receiver, there was no way to avoid the twitching or lag. (And I've owned more than one model.)

    I'd put my 1600dpi corded dual-optical USB mouse up against any cordless mouse for sheer accuracy, any day of the week, MX optical engine, or not.

    We all have our opinions. I just thought I'd pick at you a bit about yours, to see why you are so impressed with the MX700. :smile:

    By contrast, I've seen several people this week alone who are complaining about lag issue still occurring, even with the MX700 ... on both Intel and VIA platforms.


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  4. Yes please someone tell us how the MX500 is. I know the other guy said it was crap but he also said the 700 was good. They are the same mouse except one is cordless. Has anyone tried the 500? Is it better than the iFeel Mouse (currently using)? THanks
  5. I'm also wondering how the mx 500 is, although it is relatively the same as the 700 just with a cord. Wondering how precise in gaming it is compared to the dual optical usb from logitech, and how precise it is even though it only has one sensor and half the dpi.
    Would the extra sensor help more than the new optical engine would? How do they perform against eachother, if anyone knows.
  6. Ive never really considered a cordless mouse due to the lag love to hear some users experieces with it.. would be incredible if it doesn't have noticable lag..guess it whould be nice to be cordless.
  7. Ok i jumped the gun and bought the mx700. IT ROCKS. There is absolutely no lag at all. IT is just as fast as a corded usb mouse because it runs at the same hz, 125. It is quite smooth and comes with a charger where 10mins of charging (enough to go take a dump lol) will give you like 4 hours of use. I also bought a duracell charger w/2 AA batteries so i can switch batteries out if I ever need to. The scroll wheel is laggy due to software drivers not hardware plus doesn't work well in games. To fix this for now (new drivers from logitech is suppose to fix this in november) disable the scroll wheel by putting 'none' in the mouse settings for how much to scroll. Download TweakUI from microsoft, its part of power toys. Install it and then go to the mouse settings in tweakUI and click the box to force the mouse to use microsofts scroll function and set it to whatever you want. This will let you scroll correctly and in games too. Did i mention this mouse ROCKS? Well it does, GO buy it now!!
  8. Ok, thats great it rocks. But compared to what? The direct competition is the Logitech dual optical. I've been reading other posts from people in my positon who currently have the dual optical (I tested 4 mice -including the v3 explorer- and kept the dual optical). Those posts claim, don't bother getting the mx500 if you have the dual optical. The difference isn't noticable, and the drivers are buggy as hell (personally I use the default windows drivers with my dual optical-due to compatibility/performance reasons, but then again I also use the ps2 port so I can crank up the refresh rate to 200mhz. So the real question is, whether or not it would be worth it to get the mx500 over the dual optical? (The mx700 seems to have the cordless market by the tale).
  9. Sorry, it rocks compared to my old iFeel mouse, and ball mice i used to use. I have never used a dual optical but logitech says this new one optical engine/system is even better than the dual. I heard both are generally the same in terms of performance from reviews but if i had to choose between the MX500 and dual optical i would probably get the mx500 based on comfort. The MX700 however wins hands down. It is the best mouse i've ever used thus far.
  10. >I'd put my 1600dpi corded dual-optical USB mouse up against any cordless mouse for sheer accuracy, any day of the week, MX optical engine, or not.

    Does the mouse actually track 1600dpi? Doesn't it just have two 800dpi in parallel for increased accuracy (averages out tracking errors)? I was going to get dual optical cuz the box said something like "twice the speed" (not exact quote), but put it down since it didn't say 1600dpi.

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  11. Roger that. I used to have a cordless....

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