Bad Memory or Bad Overclock?

I am having some issues with my new computer and I am hoping perhaps I can get smeo help figuring it out. Essentially it seems stabled overclocked to 3.6. While encoding with Handbrake overnight I have woken up to a log in screen. WhoCrashed shows me a Memory Management error as well as an NTFS.sys error over the last few crashes. The ntfs.sys though could be because I was encoding to a 2nd hard drive that might be questionable. Deeper in the crash logs I see an IRQL Not Less or Equal a couple times.

My Parts are:
ASRock X58 Extreme
Intel 920
Coolermaster V8 Cpu cooler
Coolermaster Sniper Case
Corsair 750TX power supply

I would like to point out I had an Asus p6t Se mobo that had issues as well and after the 2nd one I switched to this board. I have overclocked the board to 3.6 as I mentioned. I am able to run prime blend test for at least 4 hours without errors. The small FFT ran once for about 6 no errors. I feel the Overclock seems to be good. Temps stay at 60-61 with full load. Idle at 40. Here are my settings

SpeedStep - Disabled
Bclk - 180
PCIe freq- 100
Spread Spectrum - Auto
Cpu Ratio - 20
QPI Freg - 6.480GT
Uncore Freq - 2160MHz
Dram Freq - 540 MHz (ddr3 1080)
Dram Timeing - 9-9-9-24 the rest auto
Vdrop - Enabled
Cpu Voltage 1.28750v
Dram Voltage 1.624V
IOH Voltage - auto
VTT Voltage - 1.340V
ICH Voltage - Auto
IOH CSI Voltage - Auto
IOH/ICH PCIE Voltage - Auto
CPU DLL VOltage - 1.88V

I have a crappy vid card in the box now while I wait for my 5870, which should be here today. I ran memtest86+ and it showed no errors. I plan to pull all the dimms except one and test each one individually. Perhaps there is a bad stick in there. I would like to bring my memory up to speed a little bit more, like 1440, something closer to the rated speeds. But I want to solve this problem first.

In general, this machine has had nothing but problems. I have gone through two motherboards, the Asus, and I RMA my first 5870 due to graphic hang ups. Whether that was driver related I am not sure. The only parts that have not been swapped yet are the CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and PSU. I have some sort of memory/memory controler thing going on. I am just not sure how to narrow it down. I know a few things about computers but not enough about hardware.

So any thoughts?
Thank you
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  1. Quick question about memtest. I am testing 1 stick at a time. Should I test a stick in slot one, then move the next stick to slot 2 and then the final to slot 3 just like if they were all in the box. Or should I test each stick in slot 1?

  2. If your just testing the RAM then it doesn't matter what slot. If you think the motherboard might be faulty then test each slot. Let Memtest do more than one pass just to be sure though.

    Give the ram a little more voltage. It is supposed to have 1.65 volts. Also the OCZ Gold are notoriously terrible. I bought a batch and two of the three sticks were faulty.
  3. I have tested 2 sticks so far for at least 5 passes. No errors. waiting to test the 3rd. Just got new vid card so hoping to get that installed today. The mobo is brand new so I do not expect it to be bad, it could be, but i doubt it. I have not had any issues or crashes yesterday, but I did not run any encoding over night. I am starting to wonder if there is some windows process that runs during off hours, like a back up or some such, that is causing issues. I can encode during day for 5-7 hours with no issues.

    As far as the voltage, the mobo has 1.624 or the next jump is higher that 1.65 i believe. I will double check but I think that is why I set it to 1.624. As far as the ram speed though, if I jump to the next step on my ram do I need to raise the QPI and uncore at the same time. I know the uncore has to be twice the ram but my mobo does not actually show the x multipliers, just the final results.

    Thanks again
  4. Update. All the sticks of ram check out with 5 or more passes of memtest86+. I have installed an ati 5870. It seems to work but i find i need to run the fan manually at 40% or it locks up. ATI go figure. But I am getting crashes, but no blue screen or crash log. It usually happens when I am encoding video over night. I wake up to a rebooted machine. Nothing that I can see in the event log and WhoCrashed shows nothing for that time frame. I managed to witness one today while running dvdshink. Screen went black and the machine rebooted. No reason, no windows recovered from fault window afterwards. Just plain rebooted. What the heck could it be? Not sure where to start troubleshooting without a crash log.
  5. I would go a few days without over clocking. See if you can encode all night stock speeds. At your current o/c is turbo enabled ?
  6. No turbo is disabled. HT is on though. Memory is still at 1066 speed too. I can try overnight with stock speeds and see how that goes. Just very odd. I can game for hours with no issues. Prime ran fine without errors. I still blame ATI though lol.
  7. I encoded for 6 hours yesterday and then ran it over night until my queue ran out. No problems at stock speed. So I am guessing it is a bad over clock? Not sure best approach. i tried to bump up the cpu voltage to 1.29 but still no joy. This is my first overclock so I guess I have some settings wrong.
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