Gaming Graphics Problems - Flickering, Flashing & Blackouts.

Hi there, I am new to this forum (and hope I have put this in the correct place!)

Lately I have been having trouble with my graphics whilst playing some games, general Windows usage and watching videos is no problem. However, some games are giving me trouble, namely COD2 and COD4.

Initially there does not seem to be any issues with these and I can happily play for 10-20 minutes, but then strange things start happening to the graphics. It starts with several pixels flickering black on the scren randomly, and slowly gets worse the longer the game runs, purple flashes start appearing on objects and black patches occur from the sides of the screen to the centre (see attached screenshots for examples from COD4). This happens on both COD2 and COD4, but never on COD1, infact I could play COD1 for hours without running into any problems similar to this.

Alt & Tab-ing back to Windows can breifly surpress the problems, but they will ultimatly reappear soon after. The only way I can find to get around these is to exit the games (perhaps shut down the system) and leave them off for an hour or more. If I attempt to carry on with the game through these problems then the graphics eventually shut off completely and I have to restart the machine.

I also recieved a couple of Nvidia warning messages recently stating:

"Your NVIDIA graphics card is not receiving enough power. As a result, the graphics card has lowered its performance level to a level that allows continued safe operation.

To remedy the problem, ensure that your NVIDIA graphics card has the supplemental power connector attached"

However, I have not seen another of these messages for over a week. I have checked all of the power cables and connections and all appears fine, I have had no other warnings from any other device/application describing power problems.

Some other information:
- My computer was recently unused in storage for 6 months whilst moving flats.
- My graphics card is a NVIDIA 6800 GT PCI
- My PSU is 600w, can't remember the make/model, but it wasn't cheap!
- My monitor is a Dell E172FP
- Neither my processor nor my GPU are overclocked.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to resolve this? Could it be my graphics card is over heating by more graphics demanding games (rather than COD1)? Could a clean of the graphics card fan solve this and how would I do that? Could it be a monitor problem?

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.


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  1. Have you plugged in the power to the card from the psu?
    There could also be a problem with your psu.
    Also try removing the card and clean out any dust build up that could cause overheating, once you have reinstalled it use riva tuner or ntune and turn the fan speed up for your card and see if that makes any difference.
  2. I got the same message from my NVIDIA card three weeks ago. But everything looks normal !
    I got this message after installing a Vista update.... :/
    And it prompts everytime I boot the computer.

    What do I do ? For my part too, everything is well pluggued and there's no dust anywhere.

    damn this sucks :(
  3. Ive got the same problem, but i have an ATI card.

    Everything is happening just like OP wrote, alt+tabbing helps for a while but it comes back and usually crash/locksup after a while.
    Sometimes the entire PC and sometimes just the GPU, i can still hear and move around ingame but the screen is black.

    GPU: Sapphire Radeon X1900XT 256MB GDDR3
    MB: ABIT KN9S, nForce 550, DDR2, Socket-AM2
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2GHz Socket AM2
    PSU: 480w, recently upgraded from 400w

    I would really like it if someone knew how to fix this or know where we could go to maybe get some answers.
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