PNY 9600GT no PhysX or what??

According to NVidia, the 9600GT cards come with integrated PhysX.
Now, I have installed the latest NVidia drivers (178.13), and when I look at the PhysX samples installed; I see no difference between "No Acceleration" and "GeForce PhysX"

Is it because to notice the difference I need a lot more content, or does my graphics card just don't have PhysX?
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  1. No it doesn't come with integrated PhysX, it simply uses it's stream processors to emulate a PPU.

    However whether you notice the difference depends on the level of the effects you chose.

    But your GF9600GT doesn't have a PPU inside, just a GPU using some bits to act like a PPU.
  2. And that is the same case even with the new GCs right? Like 260 and 280
  3. Yes.

    There's no point in putting dedicated PPU hardware in a GPU if the GPU can do it from components that have other roles as well. Save them transistors and die/card space.
  4. Guys, PhysX only works in PhysX enabled games.
  5. We know that, he's talking about the PhysX demo samples, if you bothered reading. :pt1cable:
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