How To Tell MOBO or Integrated Graphics is dead?

Hi everyone. I've been having an issue with my Acer Aspire L310. It's a form factor PC with an Intel 946GZ MOBO with an Intel X3000 integrated graphics. The problem I've been having is that the PC has not been able to display an image. The monitor attached to it does not seem to recognize that the PC is even booting up. I have tested the monitor and found no problems as it had no issues displaying images when connected to my other PCs. I tried connecting other monitors and they could not display an image as well, let alone not even being able to recognize the PC is booting up.

I removed the HDD and it was working properly. The RAM modules does not seem to have any problems, but then again I cannot run MemTest as I cannot even boot up. I tried removing the RAM modules when booting up and still no display. I assume it is the integrated graphics that had died, but have no way to test it. Like I mentioned, I cannot even boot up into Windows and was wondering what you guys think is the problem. Thanks for your help!
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  1. Really your only options are to either send it back to acer or the retailer, borrow or buy a cheap pci replacement video card, or take it to a PC shop. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for your response. Do you think it is a graphics problem also? If so, what manufacturer do you recommend I buy a PCI video card from and do places like Newegg sell them? Also, how will I go about switching from integrated graphics to the PCI video card without having to access BIOS?
  3. If you can hear bios, windows, ect... noises, it's likely a video problem. You dont need to access bios to upgrade to an add-in card, though sometimes it's reccomended. And yes, newegg sells them. As for brand, just go with whatever is cheapest, if you're used to IGP speeds. No matter what, you're likely to see an upgrade.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to hook up a pair of speakers and listen for the Windows log on sound..If I hear it, then it's most likely the integrated graphics.

    Here's another issue though. Because the PC is a form factor PC, it is going to be difficult to put a PCI graphics card into the fact, I'm sure a regular graphics card will not fit. Are there any other options? Btw, I could only find PCI-E cards, not PCI. Perhaps I was looking at the wrong area on Newegg??
  5. If you can install a card, you might see if any local Pc shops have a used card. I got an AGP card for $10 from one of mine.
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