Maxtor PTE 3100 fails to start

when hard drive is plugged in to computer, power light on drive lights up, however the drive is not recognized, running XP
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  1. have you gone to administrative tools>computer management>disk mangement and see if the drive shows up as a black unformatted drive? if so, right click on the drive and create patirtion. it will take you thru a short wizard where you'll be able to choose what type of formatting, drive letter, etc. also beforehand make syre the drive is recognized in the bios and that you have the port its plugged into enabled, in the case of sata drives or that the proper jumpers in the right place if you're using ide drives.
    9 times out of 10, if it aint configured in the bios, windows wont see it.
  2. My friend, I appreciate your info, however this drive has been checked against 4 computers
    I have verified all ports are active in the BIOS.

    When this drive is plugged in the only indication I know it is even on is by the small green power light.

    I have tried thing to get this drive to move and ????

    If you have anything else for me ...please let me know ..thanks for the help
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