E6300 and SpeedFan 4.37 accurate?

I'm a noob here but I think maybe my CPU is running very hot:

I never did any overclocking or anything like that. It's just the stock CPU and fan that came with it... What can I do to make it cool off? This is just idling. I'm afraid to see what it is when I'm encoding video which I do often...
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  1. Check if you've mounted your processor HSF correctly. Re-apply thermal interface material when you put your HSF back on. I know for a fact that the stock cooler is not THAT bad. Have you tried core temp or real temp? Try googling those programs for checking CPU core temps. Those temps should be under 100% load, and definitely not idle.
  2. Considering that I don't even know what "thermal interface material" is, I'm guessing I did it wrong....
    I tested the other two programs you mentioned and they show the same (mid 60s) I just tested the temp in another computer (that I didn't build), much older one with an Athlon 1800 processor and it's really hot too...
  3. "thermal interface material" is that (usually) grey paste on the bottom of the stock heatsink, and it squishes onto the chip to provide a thermally-conductive film between the two. Also, check those awful pushpins for the motherboard. If you're new to installing them, having a good play around with it will set it straight in your mind as to how to go about it. Remember, straight down onto the chip, 3-4 twists to spread the "thermal interface material" and remove air bubbles, then fasten the heatsink pins in a diagonal fashion.
  4. Yes I had one b*tch of a time installing the thing onto the motherboard; not looking forward to taking it off and reapplying it... I just purchased new parts for a Q6600 and Gigabyte UD3R motherboard and will probably just have someone else put the thing together for me who knows what they're doing... Maybe I should look for an experienced OC'er on this forum that lives in my city! :)
  5. dax702 said:
    ... I'm afraid to see what it is when I'm encoding video which I do often...

    Maybe you should give it another shot, just for 5-10 minutes, then tell us what sort of blistering heat you've subjected the chip to.

    That E6300 should not really be that hot, especially if it is at idle, and dude ... get a cheap quad if you encode that many vid's.
  6. JohnnyMash said:
    ... get a cheap quad ...

    You read my mind!
    +1 for having someone experienced in putting the damn things on being a good idea.
  7. haha.. alright.. anyone in Las Vegas want to fix my stuff up for me?
  8. dax702 said:
    haha.. alright.. anyone in Las Vegas want to fix my stuff up for me?

    I don't live in America, but, I don't know if I'd say that too loud in L.V. ..... :p

    It's not so painful to do it yourself, really. Check out some posts, other peoples tips, guides and whatnot.... It sucks to start with, but second nature fairly quickly. Installing the chip and heatsink before putting the motherboard in the case is a good one. You can check out the fit and pressure easily, and it's far less cramped.
  9. For the cooler I purchased for the new system:


    "Thermal Compound
    We ship our coolers with our latest ARCTIC MX-2 thermal compound pre-applied. MX-2 is a high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance compound that optimizes thermal dissipation. It is ideally suited for use in CPU and GPU cooling where thermal conductivity is a major factor."

    This means I won't have to apply any of that paste stuff, yes? For the current E6300 hot CPU, I'm not sure what to do.. Is it bad to leave it running at this temperature? I'm giving the computer to someone else who doesn't use it for video encoding, but just for email, quickbooks, web...
  10. Yes. Check the mount for the 6300's heatsink, try lowering the voltage a notch or two in BIOS, ensure case ventilation, all before you just pass on something that is only going to cause grief.
  11. Download and run RealTemp to check for the correct CPU temp.
  12. If you are getting large discrepancies in temperatures with different programs, try this:

    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

  13. download coretemp , and check if everything is installed correctly, the stock coolers are easy to mount. So that shouldn't be a hassle, unless you don't know what your doing.
  14. I just ordered the arctic silver thermal paste and a new cpu fan/heatsink so I'll give it a go on this current system and then maybe I'll not have any trouble on the new system...
  15. ^WHY? Is downloading a small software exe that hard?
  16. I did download them.. that's how I found out that it's running hot
  17. ^ Ahh... Sorry. What temps were you getting? Also did you try re seating the cooler?
  18. see my first post with the screenshot.. I haven't tried to reseat the cooler yet, I have to get the paste stuff first..
  19. I received the Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 and Arctic Silver thermal stuff today in the mail. Aside from the crappiest instructions every written, the temps are now reading 33C for Core0 and 35C for Core1 and all the other temps have fallen as well with the added fans I installed. This was my first success messing with this stuff. I was almost certain I destroyed the mobo and CPU trying to get that Alpine 7 in place. I went on newegg to read the reviews and found similar frustration by some people and one guy gave the solution which worked like a charm :bounce:
  20. What are the full load temps when encoding or similar high load activity?
  21. I haven't done any encoding yet.. After I got the thing working, I walked away from it all night because it was stressing me out :fou: I'll try to encode something later or tomorrow and let you know what it does...
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