Dell inspiron 1545 overclocking

Ive been running around in circles with all sorts of different utilitys and cannot find any program out there that will let me over clock my laptop

Settup is as follows

Dell inspiron 1545
Intel T6600 2.2ghz 800mhz FSB
2gb of DDR2 at 800mhz
Integrated 4500 intel graphics

I just want to see how much i can stably push my system for a little extra power in a pinch

Please no posts about " oh you will blow it up just buy a new computer" this is an experiment sometimes they go wrong I am ok with that.
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  1. Those laptops get hot enough, lol I got one myself.
    Wouldn't bother if I was you.
  2. Ah it would not be a long term thing just 20-30 minutes on a cooling stand running video rendering. This is the fastest machine i have till i can get a new desktop
  3. no one?
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    Dell laptops arn't designed to overclock, so dell put locks on there systems to prevent you tweaking with the settings in the bios.

    Not to mention, doing this would void your warrantly.

    Dell Laptop being overclocked = Pointless and not possible.
  5. Locks couldn't stop someone from breaking into your house let alone a computer you can use a program called speed fan which will allow you to overclock and increase the fan speed to reduce over heating. Dell processors are purposefully advertised at a lower clock speed which means you can overclock them at a slightly higher speed. In fact the new i3, i5 and i7 comes preinstalled with a feature which allows you to overclock them without installing any software to do so. Check the October 2010 issue of PC World.
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