New HDD causing no boot and started with a grinding sound.

Hi All

just wondering if i have bust hd or if i am missing something here?

Got a new WD hd 500gb sata.
plugged in the new hd to the power unit 650W and mobo on the same power cable as my main hd and now the pc wont boot at all.
Take out the new hd and its perfect.

now on the boot up the new hd makes a grinding sound for like 2 secs and then it goes away.

one is a samsung the other and new one is WD would that make a difference ?

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  1. No, brand shouldn't make a difference. To make sure, I'd check to make sure which drive is set as the boot drive in BIOS, switch sata ports and cables between drives, plug the power cable into the new drive but not the sata cable, but it sounds like a bad drive.
  2. well I did mess with the cables alright and the bios dont pick the drive up at all. So im going to RMA.
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