Advice on overclocking Phenom 9650 please?

I am interested in overclocking my system, and although I have a little bit of experience in the area (and I've read through numerous online OC'ing guides), I thought I'd ask on here for some advice :)

Here are my specs
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9650 (2.3 GHz, 4x512KB L2 cache, 2 MB L3)
Memory: 3GB DDR2 total RAM, dual-channel (2 Corsair XMS2 kits: one is a 2x512MB kit rated at 667MHz, other is a 2x1GB rated at 800 MHz, all are running at 800 MHz, and have been stably for several months with no problems.)
Motherboard: MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum, nForce 750a chipset
Video card: EVGA GeForce 9600gt 512MB
PSU: Antec 550W
OS: Windows XP SP3 (soon to be upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate once I get my OCZ SSD for Christmas :D )
CPU Cooler: OCZ Vendetta 2 (just got it, hence why I'm suddenly interested in OC'ing.)

My FSB is currently at 200 MHz with the cpu multiplier at 11.5x, so cpu clock is 2.3 GHz. FSB to DRAM ratio 1:2, thus resulting in RAM frequency of 800 MHz. All voltages and clocks are at stock settings (except those 2 RAM DIMMs I have going at 800 MHz rather than 667 MHz, but hey, they're Corsair and they have heat spreaders.) Overall, my system is pretty well ventilated. I just recently ran Prime95 for 2+ hours and none of the cpu cores ever exceeded 40 C.

Does anyone here have any advice on what settings I should change to OC and about how high I may be able to take it (or any other advice in general)? If you have any other questions about my setup, I would be happy to answer them. Thanks!!
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  1. Hey, I got mine up to 3.2 ghz with Zalman XT water cooling. Temp is stable at around 37 idle and 50ish in games. Air, sadly have no idea! :)
  2. Thanks for the reply. I played around with some settings and have it running stably at 2.76GHz, idling around 25-30 C. I think I'm satisfied for now, if anything I would want to get some faster RAM before trying to push it any further.
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