3 Monitor needed .... wich video card to pick with low cost.

= Low profile card only =

3 Monitor needed .... wich video card to pick with low cost.


Thansk for everything
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  1. i'd say any of the s3 chrome series.

    i think one of the supports up to 4 monitors?
  2. You could get pretty much any card and throw on the Matrox triple head to go. http://matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/ or get one of their multi-monitor cards... I think they do up to 16 at the top-end. The dual head worked pretty well for us on one of our laptops to enable dual screens....
  3. fujoubou said:

    3 Monitor needed .... wich video card to pick with low cost.

    For what?

    PCI-E or PCI

    Definitely PCIe if you have the option, for price, utility and resale.
  4. For the use of monitoring servers/networks and other 2 to work connect to others PC and manage help desk and such...
  5. well the Matrox fits the price and needs... thanks alot for youre time.
  6. Well if your mobo can handle it, then I'd say get two really cheap PCIe cards. Do you already have the MoBo? What is it?

    Do you have 2 PEG (Pci Express Graphics) 16X slots or just one, if you only have one PEG slot and then a buch of PCIe 1-4X slots, then get a cheap 16X card and then an similar 1X card (keep them similar for drivers, although in your environment you might almost be ok with the standard M$ display drivers).
    It will give you more options than the Matrox (be sure to not the resolution limits), however since I love Matrox (especially their multi-monitor solutions) so if it fits your needs, enjoy!!

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