External Sata USB not working

I've searched Tom's and Google etc, and have found many resources, but nothing has worked.
I have several USB sata drives and the worked on most of my XP machines, except for emachines, and a few others.
Recently these sata usb drives no longer will completely connect. I get a "ding" it breifly shows as a drive in my computer, and even less breif in disk management.

I can't identify exatcly is what is cauing this except Windows update. I have about 50 computers on hand and it will work on a few.

I need replies from someone who has a real solution or has rexolved this problem themselves.
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  1. I don't understand the problem, is it that the drives work on some systems, or not working on any systems, if it's not working on any system then maybe the enclosure is bad
  2. As stated, it works on some, and others it doesn't. There is no specific 2 things alike
    I've tried it on new systems with SP2 and SP3. Some will work and some wont. I've noticed, more often that SP3 machine it will stop working when it had previously.
  3. Do these external drives have their own power supply systems - wall warts or whatever? Are they working? If not, you may be having trouble with inadequate power drawn solely from a USB port. Most USB ports cannot supply the power needed for most modern desktop (3½") external hard drives.
  4. Very good question. I have used an external usb power supply to verify that it isn't the power. Besides the drive an a power indicator.
  5. I did a test of a newly installed computer and the sata usb worked fine. I ran the 40+ critical updates and after restarting, the usb drive no longer works. I have verified that one of the updates have stopped the drive from working on some of these computers. I'll update when I find more out.
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