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I just bought 2 OCZ Colossus Series SATA II 256Gb 3.5" SSD. One that was installed on an ASUS 775 mb gave a score of 7.1 on the Windows Experience Index and the other one installed on a Gigabyte P55 gave a score of 6.9 (both computers have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit). Then I decided to inlude both drives as Raid 0 array in the Gigabyte p55a-ud5 hoping to improve the performance however now I only get a disappoing score of 5.9! Can anyone kindly advise what went wrong and suggest any solutions?
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    Reading comments at newegg for this drive, a person reported a 7.0 as well.
    Maybe whatever particular test runs for ssd's is this particulars drive 'low' point.
    D/L hdtune pro run random access tests ,lets see what those things do for #'s.
    File: copy information : paste here.
    Heres my Kingston V40g I get 7.2 in WEI----
    HD Tune Pro: KINGSTON SSDNow 40GB Random Access
    Read test
    Transfer size operations / sec avg. access time avg. speed
    512 bytes 11400 IOPS 0.09 ms 5.566 MB/s
    4 KB 6690 IOPS 0.15 ms 26.133 MB/s
    64 KB 1985 IOPS 0.50 ms 124.082 MB/s
    1 MB 159 IOPS 6.3 ms 159.816 MB/s
    Random 300 IOPS 3.3 ms 152.617 MB/s
  2. Thanks mate. I'll try D/L hdtune pro run random access tests today.
    Do you think that Windows Experience Index has a glitch? It does not make any sense that two drives in a healthy Raid 0 array will produce a lower score (5.9) than each of them used as single drives (6.9 & 7.1 respectively).
  3. When you put the drives into a RAID array you really don't do anything to improve their access time and you "hide" them inside a RAID volume so that Windows can't tell they're SSDs. This means that none of the Windows 7 SSD-specific features like TRIM work and it could well affect their score too.
  4. What is the Raid 0 for? Isn't it to increase the performance of the system (not one single drive) by stripping the data between them? As strange as it may sound, when I went to a single drive with no Raid at all, the score is still 5.9. Any idea why this is happening?
  5. WEI will give a max of 5.9 for non ssd drives. I was reading the specs of that ssd, apparently it has its own raid 0 setup/controller within the ssd. maybe windows 'sees' this and is giving it its max for what it believes is a non ssd drive. I would guess your access times are below 1ms ?
  6. > What is the Raid 0 for? Isn't it to increase the performance of the system (not one single drive) by stripping the data between them?

    RAID 0 can improve transfer rates and it can improve the number of simultaneous I/O requests that can be issued to the drive. But it doesn't improve access time, and for most typical single-user desktop tasks such as booting or starting up applications that's what's most important.
  7. Thanks for all replies and help. Is there anyway to improve the WEI score or should I just ignore it? I have noticed that both Photoshop CS4 extended and PSE run much faster with both OCZ Colossus in Raid 0. As a matter of fact it takes only 2-3 seconds to open them.
  8. Thanks notty22. I d/l hdtune pro. I don't have the benchmarks with me right now (am using the computer at work) but after testing the hard disk with hdtune pro WEI jumped from 5.9 to 7.2! Maybe Windows7 needed an interpreter.
    Thanks again. I know that these are just numbers but it makes me feel better after spending so much money on 2 OCZ Colossus Series SATA II 256Gb 3.5" SSDs.
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