Trouble overclocking phenom 2 x4 945

i stabled my pc at 3390 mhz multplyer x15.0 ht link 2034 and fsb 226 ican run my rams at 1500 mhz

the thing is when i want to reach 3600 or 3700 or smthing my computer freezes because of ram mhz at same 1500 mhz

ı dont know why i cant run it at 3600 mhz . i tried every voltage and combos but .. no solution..

my system

phenom 2 x4 945
gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p
ocz special ops urban elite 1600 mhz ddr3
cooler master 600w psu
thermalright ultra 120
sapphire 4890 vaporx
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  1. Have you tried relaxing the timings on your ram or increasing your RAM voltage?
  2. yes i tried.. but .. no solution..
  3. Have you messed with the North Bridge voltage? How high did you go with your CPU voltage? It is always possible your 945 has hit its ceiling. What kind of temps are you seeing?
  4. the highest overclock you can achieve is dependent on each individualy cpu, some may oc like champs, but others may not overclock very well at all. there is no guarantee how much you will be able to overclock your chip.

    In your case, it looks as tho you have hit the maximum oc of your particular cpu.
  5. in cpu z core speed =3600mhz multiplyer x15.00 bus fsb=240 htlink =2400 mhz i gave 0.0150v cpu voltage and 1.8v to ddr volt.

    rams are working in 1257 i didnt touch cpu nib vid and north brigde voltage

    the problem is when i make rams 1599 my computer frozes....
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