AM2 Motherboard Recommendation?

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of building a new rig for my brother. After purchasing all the gear, turns out the motherboard was faulty! :(

I've had a look around for a 'similar' spec model and it seems I'm going round in circles! Here's what I've got/did have:

ASUS M2N68 Motherboard (now gone back and replacing with your help..)
AMD 5200 X2
Scythe Infinity cooler
OCZ 4gb 800mhz DDR2
Seagate 250gb SATA HDD
ASUS 9600GT 512GT
OCZ Stealth 500w PSU

Any recommendations at all? I've seen a few ASUS models which are slightly higher up than the M2N68, but most of them look the same after you weigh up the pros and cons. Here's what I've been looking at:

Budget is an issue, around £70-90 is what I have to stick to. Again, any recommendations or general guidance will be helpful!


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  1. Well, that motherboard should be fine, ive used Asus in all the computers ive built for people except for one, they tend to work rewally good and are reliable, that board should be fine for you (or whomever it is for)
  2. Indeed, I'm running an ASUS board on my computer and its always been solid. The only reason I'm having to try another board is because I can't get hold of another M2N68 due to stock issues.

    Any ideas?
  3. Bump.
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